Youparcel is taking care of your retail fulfillment business.

Just like E-Commerce Business, selling wholesale to retailers is a process which needs guidance. Youparcel provides warehousing solutions and advanced logistics support for your entire process. It is very important to plan the steps of the wholesale. For managing the process, Youparcel provides an advanced software system for the inventory, retail fulfillment managing system, and shipping solutions. You will be ready to evaluate the opportunities for your business without considering the process. Because that part will be taken care on behalf of you. We manage both B2C and B2B platforms, so we take care of all the process of the retail sale.

Inventory Management

When you have your products at our warehouse, there will be no details you have to think. Our optimized stations receive your products and make sure they process them in details. Counting inventory, product labeling, repackaging is just some of the examples of the services that Youparcel provides. Our entire fulfillment team is highly trained and readily available to support any of your needs, no matter how complex or simple. What is more, by controlling each step, you will be able to get informed about the details of your products. You will have the count of the inventory, you will check the project and evaluate your process by yourself.

Software Integrated Process

Youparcel also provides you the software system which enables you to create new labels for your products. The system allows our highly trained fulfillment team to work more efficiently. We aim to minimize the rate of the error during all fulfillment process. This is the reason we improve our software system day by day. Providing our own software system is an important advantage for us thus the system becomes adjustable. We are able to do possible updates when your inventory or your project needs it.

Shipping Solutions

Youparcel provides you various carrier companies. The shipping process is important as the fulfillment process. The customers or the buyers do not consider how much effort and the time your team gives to the project, they do care about orders' being in time. We produce solutions to all the problems that you may have during this process. We work not only with regular carrier companies but also FTL, LTL shipping. Different from FTL, less than truckload shipping or less than load is the transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. Parcel carriers usually handle small packages. This gives you the freedom of choosing the time for the shipment whenever you want.

Widen Your Business

Let us take care of your operations, you focus on expanding your business.

Proven Experience

Happy clients, are the result of our work.